Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

HVAC Myrtle BeachThe heating and cooling system is the most costly expenditure you will make other than the cost of the house itself. For that reason alone you should be doing everything possible to ensure the HVAC system runs efficiently for as many years as possible. This is easier said than done if you don’t know the secrets to increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system, and luckily today you will discover a few ways to easily accomplish that. Here are a few tips from a leading HVAC Myrtle Beach repair specialist:

Start by checking the air filters are clean inside the HVAC air handler. A clogged air filter costs a few dollars to replace, but leaving it inside the unit is costing you more than you may realize. Each month, that HVAC system is running harder to get clean air through a dirty filter, and running longer and harder means higher utility bills. This also means the moving parts of the heating and cooling system are also wearing don faster as a result.

The air handler needs to be sealed tight so treated air is not escaping into your garage or attic, wherever the unit may be. Run your hands across all the seams of the air handler and feel for air when the unit is on. The quick fix here is to simply cover those seams with a large strip of duct tape. Quick fix, and now the treated air gets in the house where it belongs.

Outside of the home will be the fan unit, responsible for bring in and releasing air, if the unit is clear. Too many people overlook this unit, and as a result, it has tree branches over it, grass growing in and under it, as well as debris trapped inside blocking the fan from moving freely. Start by maintaining the exterior of the HVAC unit, creating a one foot clearance on all four sides. Then when the system is turned off, open it and remove leaves, trash, or twigs, anything that could have gotten inside and impacted the movement of the fan blades.

Inside the house, visually inspect each air vent for dirt, debris, or things trapped inside and clear the opening. make sure the vents are all open in every room, regardless if that room is being used or not. The air needs to circulate freely through the whole system.

These secrets to increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system will not only save you money in costly repairs, it will further extend the life of the entire system for many years to come. To find more helpful hints: Visit Air Mechanical Myrtle Beach SC